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Sourcing Products from more than 30 petrochemical manufacturers
Broad range of products with stocks availability at all times
Highly qualified customs brokers and time management on loading and unloading at ports
Partnered with well-known freight companies for worldwide deliveries
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GLOBAL PETROKEM TRADING established in Australia is proud to offer a complete supply chain management process right from sourcing of the products to the end-user deliveries at the destination. We source our products from more than 30 petrochemical and subsidiary chemical manufacturers and this capability enables us to supply a wide range of products with a reliable stocks availability.

GLOBAL PETROKEM TRADING is continuously developing its departments with special emphasis on new products and customer service, a strategy that directly translates into a rapidly growing customer base. 

Highly experienced personnel and strategic locations across the UAE, Canada and Australia and the robust network of sea freighters, rail cars, tankers and supporting infrastructure have enabled us to be a rapid and far-reaching supplier to our customers on a global scale. This integrated network allows us to cost effectively source chemicals and polymers from producers. We fully understand the complexity of the logistics chain and import requirements, and we are well positioned to identify new sources of specialty materials. This capability allows GLOBAL PETROKEM TRADING to provide competitive advantages to its customers in procurement and costs.